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Rural School and Community Visits

Inspiring the next generations of rural health professionals

SoRHA’s Rural Health Careers Promotion programme has been developed to encourage students in rural areas to study a health discipline at a tertiary level. Research has shown students with a rural background are more likely to choose to work in a rural location when they are qualified.

The Rural Health Careers Promotion programme aims to:

  • Inspire rural students to pursue health careers;
  • Increase knowledge of rural community health;
  • Provide skills in working in a rural community;
  • Foster connections with rural health providers and iwi/communities;
  • Present positive rural experiences.

The Rural Health Careers Promotion programme is delivered to all year levels of school students but it is recognised that Years 9 and 10 are an ideal level to promote health careers and education to as research suggests this age group are more inclined to be considering a future career at this point in their lives. Revisiting some of the same communities and schools from year to year helps to build ongoing relationships. It also assists continuity of messaging and gives role models for students to look up to and feel connected to.

Read more about our Rural Health Careers Promotion programme in our latest update

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