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Here you will find all sorts of interesting publications and research articles about training in a rural health profession in Aotearoa.

NZRGPN Briefing to Incoming Minister – December 2020

Check out interview with SoRHA CO-Chair, Ben Alsop-ten Hove on page 17 talking about rural health careers

Tackling rural health inequities from the ground up

New Zealand Medical Student Journal, November 2019

Ben Alsop-ten Hove

Interview with Dr Debbie Hughes and Sue van Mierlo about youth and sexual health services in a rural setting

New Zealand Medical Student Journal, November 2019

Emily Yi, Tim Hall

Wai 2575 Māori Health Trends Report

Ministry of Health, October 2019

Establishing the nurse practitioner workforce in rural New Zealand: barriers and facilitators

Journal of Primary Healthcare, June 2019

Sue Adams, Jenny Carryer

Proposal for a National Interprofessional School of Rural Health

New Zealand Medical Journal, November 2018

Garry H Nixon, Ngaire M Kerse, Warwick Bagg, Margot A Skinner, Peter J Larmer, Peter Crampton

‘Poorly defined’: unknown unknowns in New Zealand rural health

New Zealand Medical Journal, August 2016

David Fearnley, Ross Lawrenson, Garry Nixon

The New Zealand Rural Hospital Doctors Workforce Survey 2015

New Zealand Medical Journal, May 2016

Ross Lawrenson, James Reid, Garry Nixon, Andrew Laurenson

Influence of rural background and rural medical training on postgraduate medical training and location in New Zealand

New Zealand Medical Journal, September 2014

William Shelker, Tony Zaharic, Branko Sijnja, Paul Glue

Transfers from rural hospitals in New Zealand

New Zealand Medical Journal, January 2011

Trevor Lloyd, Katharina Blattner, Garry Nixon

Rural Nursing: Aspects of Practice

Ministry of Health, September 2008

Jean Ross

A rural guinea pig – My perspective on the 2007 rural medical immersion programme 

New Zealand Medical Student Journal, July 2008

Rachel Lynskey